Illustrations from a Germany based Chinese born architect, designer, fox-lover.
Art is my visual diary of emotions.
  • "Fear and Fantasy" series no. 4

    Regret - be stronger, focus and remember yourself

    Confused - there are so many things crawling inside me. Go out, go out. I want to make a wish, that they all go out.

    Tears and stars and water - I cannot feel anything. Please let these things go out!

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  • 'Fear and Fantasy' Series no. 1

    - “I’m always confused. I am always regretting what I decided one second ago. I’m always changing my mind. I wish I never added color.”
    There was a few months where I had serious problems with myself. I was confused and constantly feeling shaken up. This was the times I was in Copenhagen two years ago. And I felt like there was nothing I can do to stop this feeling inside me. There were words I wanted to speak out and thoughts which were trying to escape. I didn’t know what to do, or how I should do it. 
    It got so bad and out of control, that I thought I would drive myself crazy. To stop my body and my mind from shaking, I took a piece of paper and started to draw. I was still shaking, when I was drawing. And I had no idea what I was drawing. It all just came flowing outside me. These shapes and colors all came out before I had a chance to decide HOW they should look like. And it’s not only after I filled the page do I realize what I had drawn, and for a small moment, it made me calmer. 
    Maybe it was art therapy, or maybe it was simply a way to let out my inner fights, or perhaps it was just totally insane. 
    But for me, these are like imageries of my brain. Pictures out of anger, fear, insecurity, and a totally imaginary world I had created for myself. 
    There are 5 of these drawings, and a last one with a person inside it. 
    After that there was no more. And hopefully never again.  
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  • “Tell me a story, and I will paint it for you!”

    And so, after all these years, I finally made this experiment. I “sell” my art on the streets of this city. 
    Every painting has a story behind it, when someone buys a painting, I give them a little note of the story behind it. I never set a price for the paintings, I just ask people to give me whatever they want. Or if possible, to tell me a story of themselves and I will paint it for them.

    I met people from all countries and cultures, an African woman who wants me to paint the story of her baby “Monifa”; a Greek couple who fell in love with the stories behind the artworks, an teenage girl who told me about her experience in the US which made her grow up, Spanish travelers, Chinese tourists, confused ladies who didn’t know what to give me in return, an alcoholic who thought she was Robin Hood, a bitter angry woman who thinks I am enjoying life here in Europe while all my family are suffering in China and I don’t care just because I refuse to talk about China politics with her. Many curious people asked me what I was doing, and why I am doing this here on the streets and not working as an architect (which, to their surprise, I explained that I AM actually full time working). A girl from Qatar sympathetically gave me two euros without taking any artwork, as if I was a beggar.

    I can’t remember how much money I made in the end. But I DID get a handful of stories, a concert invitation, foreign currency, Emails with inspiration and support, and extremely interesting various amounts of money… and my favourite was a ring with a Bretzel on it!!

    But the best thing I gained were some new friends: travelers, locals, disabled, lovers, young confused men, buskers, musicians, other artists, colleagues from work (!), and a girl who sat and read my stories in English, an Architect from Palestine who’s name, coincidentally, means “storyteller”, a man from the US army who sat with me for 4 hours, and we ended up becoming friends and spent the evening at a friend’s house talking over good wine and fresh fish.

    I spoke more German than I ever did here, and I experienced perceiving the world (and being perceived) in a whole new perspective. It was interesting to see what captured people, and which art/story they like best.


    But most of all, this cured me. I finally don’t shut myself in my room, driving myself crazy with thinking and obsessing. I finally stop regretting and managed to let go of my worries and my own pains. I stopped focusing on myself, and started to share more from other people’s words. 

    There are so many stories to discover, so many people to meet, so many opportunities to inspire and be inspired. 

    Thank you to those who gave me the courage to go out on the streets. And those wonderful strangers who contributed to this. And to those people and the certain traveller, who gave me the inspiration behind all these paintings.

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  • "Bubbles in the sky"

    Inspired by a song I once heard from a traveller. Every single moment I spent with him felt like fireworks. He played me this song and I drew him a picture of his voice in return. We left each other and continued with our own lives. 

    Two years later, we crossed paths again.

    This time, he gave me a gift, a stone to strike and make fire. Just a spark, and disappears in an instant. Just as we said lying next to each other under the stars in the last night: time and everything else in this world, in comparison to the universe, is simply a fraction of a spark. 

    Nothing lasts forever. Just live in the moment.

    If there is a chance, I just wish to return there and never leave. If there isn’t, I will still continue to travel into the world. 

    Because he gave me courage to travel, explore, to live and share all the beautiful moments. Nothing has ended or started. Just embrace life as it comes, because there is always something to cherish on the way.

    He gave me some of the most beautiful moments and amazing fireworks I ever experienced. And I will always be inspired by this memory with him.

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  • "Nine Lives"

    I was always warned, that curiosity killed the cat. 

    But a cat has nine lives, so it’s ok to die a few times, no? As long as you don’t die in the same place.

    …I think I have still about 5 or 6 lives left :)

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  • "The Story of the Tree"

    I once met a boy for two days and two nights. Together we spent magical moments, brought back many childhood memories, and he told me a beautiful story about a tree. 

    He is a singer, and before I left his city, I drew him a picture of his voice. 

    Time passes by; we walked down our own paths, fell in and out of love, and lead our separate lives. But I have never forgotten those two days with him. Where he showed me a world which continued to live inside me.

    Suddenly one day he wrote me that he had always kept that picture of his voice on him.

    Two years worth of emotions, stories, feelings, all came back at full impact like an instant burst of fireworks. We went crazy for each other.

    We met again, in a forest in the south. And spent 45 beautiful hours together. We experienced a world we have always wanted to see. He made me feel alive, independent, and free again. 

    We became closer; embraced in a way we were not able to the first time we met. And this time, he showed me a real tree, it was growing on his back.

    - The story had grown on him. And took me away with it. 

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  • “Homage Series” - #2

    Interpretations of famous masterpieces as an architect’s line drawings. 

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  • “Homage Series” - #1

    Interpretations of famous masterpieces as an architect’s line drawings. 

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  • "One Year"
    I came here to this country a year ago, following my heart. And within this year I realised how unexpected life can be. So many things happen, so many stories fold and unfold, so many new and old memories coming back and forth.

    The biggest lesson I had learnt to let go. And be patient, because what belongs to you will always return no matter how long.

    Some things leave, some things return, while some things never change. But there are always wonderful stories lying ahead.

    Life is amazing. So paint it, write it, sing it, dance it, and live it!
    Bon voyage :)

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  • "Five Hundred and Eighty-Five Days" - the Story of Meeting the Traveller

    I once went to a city where I heard a beautiful story about a magical tree, where each leaf is a dream of a young child, and as it falls, the wish becomes true. 

    I left that city but never forgot the story. Each time I climbed a tree, each time I heard a song, every time I saw a leaf drop. I always remembered that beautiful story. 

    585 days later, I heard the story once more. It had come back, and everything was the same: the memories, sounds, smells, touch, intensity, and magic. 

    I wish each and every drop of these leaves becomes true. 

    And I want to write the story of this city, and the tale of this journey.

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